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The Agency of Last Resort’s Last Resort Client Survey

None of the fields in our survey are required other than a name and an email address, so feel free to give up at any time and submit what you have. But let’s be honest: you’ve already dug yourself into a hole this deep… may as well keep digging until you reach the other end.

Your answers will not be sold or anything gross like that. Think of this as screaming into a pillow if the pillow was honest about your bad breath.

Good Luck.

Do you have a Chief Marketing Officer?

How long have they had the job?

No one lasts over 5 years. Go back and change your answer or we're done here.

Who is your audience? (check all that apply)

Relax, John Wananmaker famously said “Half of my advertising budget is wasted, I just wish I knew which half”

Check all social media platforms you are attempting to support

And you never thought to work with us? Shameful...

Check all agencies you've worked with or asked to pitch

Hot agency that will definitely get you out of this mess

How many years have you been in business?

How many rebrands has your organization gone through? (count name changes, logos, etc. separately)

Maybe this whole "starting a business" thing isn't for you.

Things that impress you on an agency tour

Have you worked with an agency search consultant

A very large invoice you can no longer afford to pay. That is why you are here, remember?

What is your primary decision-making influence?

This is it. No more fun and games. Hit the button.