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Believe us, we wish you weren’t here either…

The Agency of
Last Resort

Free advice on your next big marketing move because, well, this is all you can afford now.

Your last agency spent
you had on a
bad idea

[dramatic re-enactment]

The one before that had asure-fire way to boost your rankings on Google

(they kept talking about a thing called “microblog search link juice sites” and gave you reports highlighting impressions… it didn’t work out.)

is Failing

We’re here to
whether you like it or

Bad Ad Rehab

The problems with most chief marketing officers is that they rose to their position through the wrong channels- from sales, research, finance, not the creative sides of business.

Usually given a ridiculously short window to improve results, they swing for home runs, instead of making efforts to get people on base more often. Advertising efforts are cumulative in nature, and while, hitting home runs is awesome, consistent incremental campaigns will win more games than one big hit…

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